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spaces tell stories 

and we relish telling the stories of our clients through the design of their homes and workplaces.

Our clients bring us tall orders: 

  • blend rugged Ibiza and industrial Brooklyn

  • a little 60s Algeria, a little Georgia O’Keefe’s adobe home, a little French modern 

  • help our home embrace its Moorish roots and us our Miami ones

  • I love mid-century Scandinavia and also 13th Century Flemish art

  • greyed cannery building meets modern industrial meets mountain home

  • design around my art collection spanning 45 years and 6 continents 

  • Japanese modern at home in a 1920s craftsman 

The more far-flung, the better, we say.

Do not let yourself be bound by genres. And don’t pay too much attention to trends. Begin with what you love and build from this. Avoid sterile—who wants to live in sterile?   

Left to our own, our style veers towards an earthy modernism—the unifying of worn and clean elements. We see no conflict between utility and beauty and we always prefer genuine wear to faux distress. 

Jonathan craves minimalism but finds his love of collecting perpetually interfering with achieving this. Jess ideally would have two homes—one where each piece is handpicked with great care and kept forever, and another that is fully redone on the first of each month. We are extremes. We garden with equal passion in our overgrown jungle and among our scores of cactus specimens lined in their ceramic houses.

And our clients often are drawn to extremes. Bring us a challenge. 



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