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Los Angeles, Ca


A Los Angeles based design company. 




  • Taylor + Taylor, huh? How'd you come up with that name? 
    • It took us a while, believe it or not. 
  • Do you have any internships available?
    • We're currently working to develop an internship. Please inquire to be kept in the loop. 
  • Are you hiring?
    • Not exactly. But if you are the sort of person who would even be asking, you should have coffee (or a beer) with us so that we can become friends. Then, when we are hiring, you’ll be the first to know.  
  • Would you be interested in collaborating on a photo shoot? 
    • Absolutely. Email details with your vision for the shoot including vendors, location, date, photographers, etc.
  • Do you host any workshops?
    • We have some plans in the works. Let us know if you have any interest. 


  • What does Interiors mean? How does this work?
    • We help individuals and businesses make living, working, eating, and even drinking spaces beautiful and functional. This process has a few steps: 
      • 1. We meet for an initial consultation 
      • 2. After hearing your vision for the space, we put together several aesthetic directions and several design packages 
      • 3. Once you decide which direction to go, we get to work
      • 4. Your space will never be the same
      • * If, after the initial consultation, you decide to use our services,  the fees for the initial consultation are free. (A refund will be built into your overall design package.) 
  • Can I hire you to just consult on an hourly basis?
    • Yes, of course! Just inquire. 
  • What if I have all or most of my items and just need help figuring out how to put them together?
    • We would love to help. We have both hourly and day rates for these services. 
  • It says you do Project Management. What does that entail? 
    • Often in projects involving construction (large or small remodels, music studio conversions, etc.) a client may not want to work directly with a contractor or have to coordinate various subcontractors himself or herself. This is where we come in. We pull together a team of excellent professionals, oversee the logistics of the construction project (schedule, needed materials, design elements, and so on). We make sure the details come together smoothly. You can bring us on in the beginning of the project or mid-project. 


  • We are just eloping, would you do our bouquets and/or boutonnières?
    • Why yes, we'd love to. 
  • Do you give a price break on rentals for an event or wedding you are doing florals for? 
    • Yes. Let us know what items you'd like to rent, and we can discuss a custom package deal.
  • How soon in advance should I hire you to do my event or wedding florals? 
    • As soon as possible, since our calendar fills up quickly. (We often book six months to a year out.) But, even if your event is next week, contact uswe love to be spontaneous. 
  • I'm on a tight budget for my wedding, can I still afford you? 
    • Maybe. Let's chat. We understand weddings can be expensive and we can get creative. 
  • Are there wedding vendors (catering, day of coordinator, photographer, videographer, etc.) or event venues that you highly recommend? 
    • We have purposefully befriended some of the best (and nicest) vendors we have encountered, and we would love to direct you towards their services. Just let us know what you are looking for, and we will give you some recommendations. 
  • It says you also do event design. What services do you offer within event design? 
    • We offer planning in anything related to aesthetics for an event. We have a coordinator who is phenomenal that we work with to offer comprehensive event design and planning (covering everything from invitations to dessert bar, centerpieces to ceremony backdrop, vendor selection to day of coordination). Beyond this, we offer a la carte styling and floral services. 


  • Do you deliver and if so what are your delivery fees?
    • The simple answer: Yes, We deliver! 
    • The complicated answer: Two main factors influence delivery fees: distance and size of order. Delivery fees begin at $50 for small orders within 20 miles of Downtown Los Angeles. 
  • Can I pickup a rental order? 
    • Yes. If your order does not include large items (i.e. sofas, large tables,etc.) you are welcome to pick up.  
  • I’m looking for something specific but I don’t see it in your rental collection; is there any way you can find it? 
    • Yes, we specialize in hunting, finding, and transforming items to meet clients’ specific needs. Just let us know what you are looking for, your budget, and the timeline, and we will start searching. Jonathan is quite skilled at finding these sort of treasures.  
  • Do you deliver out of state?
    • Probably not. But, if you have some great story and live somewhere cool, you might convince us to hitch up the trailer and cross some state lines. 
  • Can I buy one of the pieces in your rental collection? 
    • The answer we should give is no, but the reality is that our collection is constantly growing, so if there is something you love, just ask. The worst case scenario is that we say no, but help to find you a similar item.
  • Where are you located? 
    • We are located in Los Angeles, but work throughout Southern California. 
  • How long is a standard rental period?
    • Every rental quote is for a 48 hour period maximum unless noted otherwise.  
  • Can I rent an item for longer than the standard rental period? And if so, how much more would it cost?
    • Yes. Get in touch with us, and we’d love to work with you. We regularly rent for home staging. 
  • Where do you find the pieces in your collection? 
    • Wouldn’t you like to know. Just kidding. We hunt incessantly. Any time, any place. We recently brought rugs back from a Dutch antique store in Aruba, an artisan shop in Mexico, and junk shops in Arkansas. We have carried lanterns back (by hand!) from China, stools and tiles from Guatemala, antiques from the East Coast, baskets from Africa, and colonial-era books from Peru.  
  • Can I come see your rental collection in person?
    • At present, we have two locations for storing our rental collection. Our small items are in Burbank, Ca, and our large items are in downtown Los Angeles. You are welcome to visit either location. Just contact us to schedule an appointment.