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3131 La Clede Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90039
United States


A Los Angeles based design company. 



  • Taylor + Taylor, huh? How'd you come up with that name?

    • It took us a while, believe it or not.

  • How does the process of working with T+T begin?

    • First, reach out, tell us a bit about your project and yourself. Then we can set up a call. If after that both sides are interested in moving forward, we can start a consultation process. We work in the consultation to both begin the process of the conceptual and fun elements as well as calibrating the project scope (and eventually budget).

  • Do you have any internships available?

    • Not specifically, but we’d love to hear why we might be a good fit.

  • Are you hiring?

    • Not exactly. But we are growing. And if you are the sort of person who would even be asking, you should have coffee (or a beer) with us so that we can become friends. Then, when we are hiring, you’ll be the first to know.

  • Would you be interested in collaborating on a photo shoot?

    • Jess: Absolutely!

    • Jonathan: Argh.

    • Official T+T Response: Please email details with your vision for the shoot and any details that are solidified.

  • Can I hire you to just consult on an hourly basis?

    • Jonathan: Sure!

    • Jess: It depends on our availability.

    • Official T+T Response: We need to assess on a case-by-case basis, but if there’s any way to make it happen, we’d love to.

  • Do you take on projects outside of LA?

    • We do! If it’s the right fit, we are geography blind. We’ve consulted on a project in Hawaii, worked with a non-profit we love in Kenya, and are working on a big new-build project in Durango, Colorado.

  • Do you ever do design for events?

    • Why yes, we have. Among other things, we’ve worked on several film premiers with Cinespia and Amazon Studios here in LA and done design for several Coachella parties. Jess is also quite passionate about floral design.

  • What does your involvement in the construction process entail?

    • Construction is a beast. We often help our design clients navigate that process including bring on our team of trustworthy professional contractors, tradespersons, and artisans, as well as helping with budgeting, materials ordering, and overseeing the details along the way.

  • What’s it like working together as a husband and wife team?

    • Marriage is hard. So is business. But the difficulty is so rewarding. Making things beautiful alongside your best friend is the dream job for both us.