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3131 La Clede Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90039
United States


A Los Angeles based design company. 


Rental FAQ

  • Do you deliver and if so what are your delivery fees?
    • The simple answer: Yes, We deliver! 
    • The complicated answer: Two main factors influence delivery fees: distance and size of order. Delivery fees begin at $50 for small orders within 20 miles of Downtown Los Angeles. 
  • Can I pickup a rental order? 
    • Absolutely. We'd generally prefer that. 
  • Do you deliver out of state?
    • Probably not. But, if you have some great story and live somewhere cool, you might convince us to hitch up the trailer and cross some state lines. 
  • Can I buy one of the pieces in your rental collection? 
    • The answer we should give is no, but the reality is that our collection is constantly growing, so if there is something you love, just ask. The worst case scenario is that we say no, but help to find you a similar item.
  • Where are you located? 
    • We are located in Los Angeles, but work throughout Southern California. 
  • How long is a standard rental period?
    • Every rental quote is for a 48 hour period maximum unless noted otherwise.  
  • Can I rent an item for longer than the standard rental period? And if so, how much more would it cost?
    • Yes. Get in touch with us, and we’d love to work with you. We regularly rent whole swathes of our collection for home staging. 
  • Where do you find the pieces in your collection? 
    • Wouldn’t you like to know. Just kidding. We hunt incessantly. Any time, any place. We recently brought rugs back from a Dutch antique store in Aruba, an artisan shop in Mexico, and junk shops in Arkansas. We have carried lanterns back (by hand!) from China, stools and tiles from Guatemala, antiques from the East Coast, baskets from Africa, and colonial-era books from Peru.  
  • Can I come see your rental collection in person?
    • Please contact us to schedule an appointment.