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3131 La Clede Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90039
United States


A Los Angeles based design company. 

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Interiors FAQ

  • What does Interiors mean? How does this work?
    • We help individuals and businesses make living, working, eating, and even drinking spaces beautiful and functional. This process has a few steps: 
      • 1. We meet for an initial consultation 
      • 2. After hearing your vision for the space, we put together several aesthetic directions and several design packages 
      • 3. Once you decide which direction to go, we get to work
      • 4. Your space will never be the same
      • * If, after the initial consultation, you decide to use our services,  the fees for the initial consultation are free. (A refund will be built into your overall design package.) 
  • Can I hire you to just consult on an hourly basis?
    • Yes, of course! Just inquire. 
  • What if I have all or most of my items and just need help figuring out how to put them together?
    • We would love to help. We have both hourly and day rates for these services. 
  • It says you do Project Management. What does that entail? 
    • Often in projects involving construction (large or small remodels, music studio conversions, etc.) a client may not want to work directly with a contractor or have to coordinate various subcontractors himself or herself. This is where we come in. We pull together a team of excellent professionals, oversee the logistics of the construction project (schedule, needed materials, design elements, and so on). We make sure the details come together smoothly. You can bring us on in the beginning of the project or mid-project.