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Los Angeles, Ca


A Los Angeles based design company. 



 photo courtesy of Woodnote Photography

photo courtesy of Woodnote Photography

Two best friends 

who once scored identically on Meyers Briggs, after taking their time, fell in love, found themselves at too many estate sales, and started a business.

Jonathan, a serial bibliophile, who owns ties by the dozens, occasionally borrows succulent clippings from public places and hunts incessantly for treasures. You’d be amazed at what he can fit in a Prius. He's always starting a new collection. Past collections include: African pipes, vintage darts, arrowheads, 18th century religious books, antique keys, weird little painted animals figurines from Mexico, Civil War era maps, old French lightersbasically he's the reason we have an ever-growing collection. 

Jess, who proudly adds a half inch when describing her height, can carry nearly fifty times her weight using her curly-haired superpowers. She mostly appreciates Jonathan’s addiction to finding treasures amidst junk, and masterfully transforms and curates those treasures, while creating some of her own on the pottery wheel. If you're ever awake at 6AM on a Thursday, you'll most likely find her at the flower market in downtown LA.  

In late 2016, the original Taylor + Taylor doubled, adding identical twin baby boys. Whit Joseph is a minute older than his brother, Corwin East (who mostly goes by Cor). Jonathan and Jess have discovered that two babies is a lot of babies, tasteful design relating to babies requires serious work, and parenting is pure bliss (except for all the times it isn't). Having the word Taylor in the company name four times seems a bit much, so for now, Taylor + Taylor will keep its name unchanged.  

Together, Jess and Jonathan are Taylor + Taylor, a design company birthed to collect, transform, and celebrate.  


 photo by Tiffany J Photography

photo by Tiffany J Photography




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